Speaking French FAIL

It turns out that yesterday’s Fête des Voisins* (Neighbour’s Party) was a wonderful way in which to exhibit my ever-present linguistic numptitude… Here’s how it went. And this after almost 4 years of French classes…In French:

– Friendly Swiss neighbour: “Well, to say you arrived in Switzerland speaking no French you’ve done well. You seem to have understood everything just fine.”

– Me, thinking she was asking me to confirm how much French I spoke when I arrived: “No, not at all!”

So whilst I was way off the mark, I was also, ironically, completely right too.


* An annual shindig (usually in the form of an apero, aperitif or in our case yesterday a buffet dinner), originating in France, which is designed to get you chatting to those peeps you usually only bump into in the elevator.