Selling Switzerland: one expatriate’s new slogan suggestions

Switzerland tourism marketing straplineLast week I read an inspired piece in The Guardian, in which the author critiqued the marketing slogans of various different countries’ tourist campaigns.

You know the sort of thing, those cheesy taglines – sung in a floaty uplifting tone – that follow twenty seconds’ footage of cobblestones, beaches and beautiful people on BBC World.

(Here’s one you’re sure to sing if I say it: Malaysia – truly Asia! Now you’re with me, right?)

Here in Central Europe, Switzerland’s current branding goes like this: Switzerland.  get natural.

Bar the capitalization issues, I quite like it. It says something – how the Swiss and their country offer real good organic stuff: real mountains, real cows… all manner of pure unprocessed beauty – while, like most such claims, being so general as to not really say anything at all.

So not bad. It’s head and shoulders above Slovenia’s shudderingly awful I feel SLOVEnia, but maybe loses out in the cheekily engaging stakes to Israel – Size doesn’t matter.

But I figured I could do better.

Maybe not more aspirational, and less likely to win awards from champagne-quaffing agency folks, but  more accurate at least. And maybe I could spark a wry smile from those who already live here, while dispelling a Swiss myth or two for those who don’t.

So whether or not Suisse Tourisme takes me up on any of these remains to be seen, but I don’t mind as they were fun to brainstorm (and rather irritatingly they keep coming to me – in the middle of the night!). Feel free to add your best suggestions via the Comments.


Simply natural

New offerings:


It’s not Sweden


Expensive but it works

“That’ll affect your taxes”

Just don’t convert the prices in your head…

It’s not tax-free if you live here!


What language? It’s complicated…

Mountains, chocolate, cheese, and lots of guns

Except for Sundays

Il n’y a pas le feu au lac!



Come and watch us vote

Enough with the Nazi gold jokes already!

And a final word to the wise… if you do click through to the original Guardian article above, be sure to read the comments below it. It turns out the paper’s readers are no slouches when it comes to black marketing humor.


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